Meetings Template Bundle

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The only templates you need to make meetings productive!
  • Straightforward advice
  • Tried-and-tested by real managers
  • Microsoft Word and PDF files for full compatibility

Have you ever sat through a meeting and wondered why you were there? Have you wondered how your colleagues manage to get so much done in their meetings and why yours are different? This bundle has everything you need for better meetings.

Through ready-to-use templates, checklists and a 12-page ebook, the Meetings Template Kit helps managers prepare professionally, follow through afterwards and get the most out of their meetings.

The bundle contains:

  • How to Have Better Meetings: A 12-page ebook covering the types of meetings you'll have at work, plus advice on how to prepare for them, chair them and follow up afterwards.
  • A meeting agenda template (Microsoft Word and PDF versions) with notes to explain what you should put in each section of the template to make planning your meeting a breeze.
  • A sample meeting agenda, so you can see what a completed agenda looks like.
  • Two different templates for meeting minutes (both with Microsoft Word and PDF versions) so that you can choose a format to suit you. The templates include what you need to put in each section to adequately record the meeting.
  • A pre-meeting checklist, to help you plan before the meeting.
  • A post-meeting checklist that you can use after your meeting to ensure everything is followed up appropriately.

This is a digital download (.zip file). Nothing will be shipped.

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